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nerd diaries: June 2020

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

This month of books is all over the place: anthologies of old short stories, smart romantic fiction, gothic, whodunnit and coming of age.

This was my month of getting back into 1990s action / disaster movies.

Ooh I like this pink gel pen, I wonder what happened to it.

Beach Read and The Guest List and Twister for the month's win!

Also: this is my fourth rewatch of Whip It. I finally caved after this, bought myself some quad roller skates, and decided to start learning. I had some My Little Pony skates when I was 7, but I didn't get off with them. I never actually learned to skate - we all just ended up on mountain bikes on our estate, like a South Leeds 1980s version of Stranger Things.

It turns out that roller skating requires all sorts of muscles and balance and dexterity (none of which I am known for). I couldn't get off the floor for the first week.


ip: BBC iPlayer

N: Netflix

BoB: Box of Broadcasts

YT: YouTube

AP: Amazon Prime

NMM: National Media Museum, Bradford

WRC: Cineworld, White Rose Centre, Leeds

Anything with an 'R' added = paid rental

Anything with a 'K' added = watched with my kids



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