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Alison is currently working on her fifth book, on, yes, you guessed it, horror film.

Here is the working premise, so far...

We are in a golden age of feminist horror filmmaking. We are, at the same time, in a golden age of feminist criticism on women’s work in the horror film genre. However, this has brought us to the point where we need to think carefully not just about which films we might want to analyse, but how we are studying these women filmmakers. We need to consider who we select for analysis and why we choose them, where we find our research materials and how we work with this data.


In short, now is the time to undertake a feminist historiography of horror film.

Her Chainsaw Heart re–conceptualises and reworks a range of historical, intellectual and industrial approaches to feminism and to horror film in order to generate a contemporary, socially conscious model of feminist horror film history.


An ambitious, provocative and wide-ranging study, Her Chainsaw Heart demonstrates that when we think about women and horror, we need to consider not only filmmakers, but also the women theorists, historians, critics, distributors and festival programmers, whose work offers tremendous value for developing the field.


This research is funded by an Arts and Humanities Research Council Research, Development and Engagement Fellowship, 2022 - 2023, project reference AH/W000105/1.


Due for publication late 2024 / early 2025.

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