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17/04/2022 – am I being paranoid or are there MURDERS EVERYWHERE?

03/04/2022 – The drag kaiju disco

20/03/2022 – The mysterious mother at the top of the house that you take food up to but never see

06/03/2022 – Flash, bang, wallop: Titane

20/02/2022 – Gothic vamps vs. punk vamps

06/02/2022 – No demonic tooth fairies

23/01/2022 – Zombie head bang

09/01/2022 – Did she come back to LOVE or KILL?

12/12/2021 – All those hungry, hungry girls

28/11/2021 – All shot and no plot

14/11/2021 – The horror film that made me look away

31/10/2021 – It's time for grown–up Halloween

17/10/2021 – Knit one stab two

03/10/2021 – "This thing bled acid. Who knows what it's gonna do when it's dead?"

19/09/2021 – You are beyond hot and you are obsessed with velvet

05/09/2021 – Free your mind (Candyman will follow)

22/08/2021 – Troma's smoking gun

08/08/2021 – Huge horror fringe

25/07/2021 – Miss Marple degrades film director

11/07/2021 – Save the (black) cat

27/06/2021 – Don't lean back

13/06/2021 – What happens when you open a secret can of Carlsberg in a horror film screening

30/05/2021 – Wax sleaze splash class

16/05/2021 – Back to the werewolf

02/05/2021 – Plaid for days

18/04/2021 – Have you checked the children?

04/03/2021 – Twitch, jungle, disembodied hands

21/03/2021 – Helga, Pursuant of Werewolves

07/03/2021– Lovely French cannibal sisters, being a tv extra, knitting

21/02/2021 – Sister-mermaid-murderers, James Baldwin's record collection, 5*s for the gods

07/02/2021 – Bad wigs, lost boys, Scarborough

24/01/2021 – A hat of horror, rat orgasms & alto saxophones

10/01/2021 – A blood-soaked censor, professional failure & drag queens

27/12/2020 – Catwoman, a Lovecraft podcast & 1980s Leeds