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(Digital/4 mins/Colour+B&W/UK)


Status: In Development


This project is inspired by Matthias Müller & Christoph Girardet’s Kristall (2006, 15 mins) which explores the roles of mirrors in melodrama. In this audiovisual essay, I take the idea of the mirror, and look at how it functions in horror films, in relation to interactions with female characters. I reveal that female characters apply make-up in the mirror in moments of high narrative tension, a psychological descent into madness, or – at the very least – a precursor to some serious societal rule-breaking. I’m interested in how my chosen excerpts represent this moment, where they provide moments of repetition and congruence, and where they diverge. In addition, my choice of films is designed to demonstrate how these repetitions and divergences can be connected through films across history and different national cinemas. Finally, all my examples will be drawn from films in which at least one woman has a senior credited production role as part of my wider work on illuminating the history of women filmmakers.



Made by Alison Peirse
Original soundtrack by _HEAVYLEG

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