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nerd diaries: August 2020

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

In August I bought a giant hammock.

I put a load of blankets in it (this was to take into account the coldness of summer in the North of England)

And then, I got in the hammock.

And read books for a month.

More or less.

This month I rescued some of my DVDs from work, including my complete Sopranos boxset. I'd taken all my DVDs into work over a year ago, thinking I never seemed to need physical media. But the longer I work from home all the time the more I am aware of just what I can't get from streaming, even when I have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Box of Broadcasts, Sky, MUBI and Shudder at my disposal.

The very first morning Bradford reopened the cinemas, me and my girls were there for the very first screening. Oh cinema! We missed you so! Even if it had to be 100% Wolf!

Then me and our kid went to see Tenet on IMAX and came out exhausted and 'could you tell what anyone was saying? I couldn't tell what anyone was saying everyone was mumbling I think I am getting very old'. Meh.

Lots of bests this month: The Only Good Indians, Blood Child, Host and Moonlight

Maybe, one day, my recommendations will actually be even vaguely contemporary.

Don't hold your breath though. It's always more likely to be 1940 than 2020 with me.


ip: BBC iPlayer

N: Netflix

BoB: Box of Broadcasts

YT: YouTube

AP: Amazon Prime

NMM: National Media Museum, Bradford

WRC: Cineworld, White Rose Centre, Leeds

Anything with an 'R' added = paid rental

Anything with a 'K' added = watched with my kids



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