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nerd diaries: February 2020

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

This month's reading reveals my major coping mechanism: interwar crime fiction.

I was still super ill and off work in February, and was having all sorts of unpleasant complications, and when things get hard, that's when you need a 1930s plucky young woman heroine solving crimes.

Even though I adore horror, I can't touch it when I'm ill. As such, you will see there is a lot of the Maisie Dobbs book series (and all that similar books the series has inspired) in the first few months of the year....

I also like to watch curmudgeonly old women fighting crime in the present day.

So February saw an awful lot of Vera.

Three February highlights: watching Predator for the millionth time with our kid, over at my mums (what a treat that seems like now), watching This is Spinal Tap for the billionth time, and the start of a new season of Drag Race.



ip: BBC iPlayer

N: Netflix

BoB: Box of Broadcasts

YT: YouTube

AP: Amazon Prime

NMM: National Media Museum, Bradford

WRC: Cineworld, White Rose Centre, Leeds

Anything with an 'R' added = paid rental

Anything with a 'K' added = watched with my kids



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