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nerd diaries: July 2020

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

This month I discovered the Burning Cove series - a gutsy young female reporter? In 1930s California? All about Hollywood? With murder and detection and glamour of a bygone age? And The Other Lady Vanishes features a psychic?? Yes please.

This is where my diary reveals that I have a serious weakness for structured / reality shows featuring young people working and living in some party central place. This goes back to Ibiza Weekender in 2013.

Here I got to enjoy Ibiza Dreams. I'm always keen to write 20 something characters, so I love watching stuff like this to get a sense of how early 20s are being represented to the outside world. Which, is far as I can see, is just like us (us being those who are... a little older) but their optimism and hope hasn't yet been crushed by rigours of real life. It's really quite endearing.

Obviously the best film I watched this month is Alien (for the millionth time). But major thumbs up for Days of the Bagnold Summer as well.


ip: BBC iPlayer

N: Netflix

BoB: Box of Broadcasts

YT: YouTube

AP: Amazon Prime

NMM: National Media Museum, Bradford

WRC: Cineworld, White Rose Centre, Leeds

Anything with an 'R' added = paid rental

Anything with a 'K' added = watched with my kids



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