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Alison has written her fourth nonfiction book. As ever, it is on horror, but just for a bit of variety, this time it is about horror and telly.


Rewriting Television suggests that it is time for a radical overhaul of television studies. It proposes a new model for writing about television, and, for studying the writing of television.


First, it analyses the commissioning and development practices of a single British horror television drama, drawing on production studies, screenwriting studies and the idea of “writing otherwise.” And, while it focuses on one drama, what is really at stake is the method: this book offers a new model for doing television studies that can be taken up around the world.


Next, it presents an original approach to working with practitioner interviews, a model that has never been seen before in film, television or media studies.

Finally, this book offers a series of original reflections on form, story and voice, and considers how these ideas could shape the future development of our discipline.


Rewriting Television breaks open new possibilities of meaning and engagement in the study of television, and it tests these ideas through a rethinking of the generation and representation of data, of style and of creative practice.


Ultimately though, this is a book of ideas.


This book asks “what if?”


This book is an opportunity to imagine differently.

(And - of course - this is not the book cover. This is one of Alison's favourite public domain review images, which she feels really captures the book's tone...). 


To be published by Rutgers University Press, 2024.

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