Short documentary

22 mins

Digital, Colour / B&W



This essay film explores horror's relationship to eating, in over seventy horror films made by women, from the 1920s - 2020s.



I had three aims for this film. First, I wanted the audience to discover that women worked in major creative roles on horror classics including The Shining, The Evil Dead and Rosemary’s Baby. Second, I wanted to illuminate little known horror films helmed by women, such as Nettie Peña's Home Sweet Home, Tracey Moffatt's Bedevil and Jackie Kong's Blood Diner. Third, I wanted to showcase the work of the women filmmakers who are now - finally - being written about in horror scholarship: Daria Nicolodi, Mary Lambert, Karen Arthur, Stephanie Rothman (and many more). To achieve this, I've created an essay film composed of film extracts from narrative and experimental shorts and features, and grant-supported, no/lo budget and commercial film. And the remit is global: this film contains women-made horror cinema from South Korea, Australia, USA, UK, Poland, France, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Sweden, Taiwan, Laos, India, Italy, Iran, Finland and Czechoslovakia. Sit back, enjoy, and prepare to stack up a TON of new viewing recs.



SLASH TV, Schauspielhaus Wien, programmed by Slash FilmFestival, Austria (one of MovieMakers 25 Bloody Best Genre Film Festivals in the World 2020)

Nightmares Film Festival, USA (one of Dread Central's The Best Horror Festivals in the World 2021)

Ax Wound Film Festival, Canada (one of MovieMaker’s 30 Bloody Best Genre Fests in the World in 2019)



Written, Directed & Narrated by Alison Peirse

Edited by Chris Peirse

Original Music by _HEAVYLEG

Re-Recording Mixing by John Moore

Poster by Sophie Mo

Press Kit Design by The Archipelago


You can download a press kit, including still images, here.