Women have always been making horror, they have always been an audience for the genre, and today, as this book reveals, women academics, critics and filmmakers alike are committed to a genre that offers almost unlimited opportunities for exploring and deconstructing social and cultural constructions of gender, sexuality and the body.

Women Make Horror is designed to inspire dialogue between critics, filmmakers, industry gatekeepers, festival programmers and horror film fans. With this book we can transform how we think about women filmmakers and genre. It had an online launch in October 2020 with contributors and audience members from all over the world. In February 2021, it was selected as a Finalist for 'Superior Achievement in Non-Fiction' at the Bram Stoker Awards, the oldest and most prestigious horror awards in the world.

“It’s about time a book like this came to light! May books like this - eloquently written - help to bring about a shift toward equality and embracing female artistic perspectives whatever they may be.”

 - Katt Shea, feature film writer-director

"Get the book."

- Gigi Saul Guerrero, feature film writer-director

"October is the time when everyone cozies up with horror movies, and if you’re interested to learn more about the film industry,

this should be your pick"

- Spooky NonFiction Selection for Halloween, Ladies of Horror Fiction

"This thrilling collection of essays confirms what women have known since Mary Shelley: patriarchy is scary, and the horror genre can gruesomely, gloriously play out its nightmares. It will jumpstart a new playlist of women’s horror cinema."

 - Linda Mizejewski, distinguished professor of women's, gender and sexuality studies, Ohio State University

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 Ladies of Horror Fiction

"The work of incredible academics... A fundamental work of analysis for understanding how fear is embodied in women"

- Mujeresdelterror

Profiled, New Releases for October 2020

-  Horror Writer's Association

"As a huge fan of the genre, it’s so heartening and inspiring to hear from women, about women who have worked/are working in the field"

- How to Breathe Deep

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The Roarbots

"Women Make Horror is an excellent addition to any fan’s library who is interested in the scholarly examination of a genre that is often demonized or dismissed by critics."


"Even though it's a perfect read for Halloween week, it's an essential text for course-correcting film history."

The Future of Film is Female

"Fantastic reading material"

- Final Girls Berlin Film Festival

"Fascinating stuff and something that has been on my mind since I started watching horror films and was told women weren't supposed to."

Typical Books YouTube Channel

"Our favourite holiday present of 2020... A perfect gift for all"

- Magic Dog Productions, Horror and Comedy by Womxn, for all

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-  WIA Report

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